Care for Children & Families

SAM_7045Issue: Impact of extreme poverty on the wellbeing of children

In rural Benin, the impact of extreme poverty is felt most acutely by children. An event such as the death or illness in the family can put children in vulnerable positions. Neither a case for the local police nor for the hospital, children often suffer by receiving insufficient nutrition or by being sent to work at an early age, disrupting their development and hindering their future opportunities.


  • More than 35% of the population lives below the U.S. poverty line of $1.25/day1
  • The average Beninese woman gives birth to five children over her lifetime1

Program: Care for Children & Families

We provide for the basic needs of children both at our residential care center and though homestay arrangements with local families. Through these vital services, children receive nutritious meals, safe lodging, quality healthcare, and support from our team of community-based care providers.


  • Direct care at our children’s’ center
  • Homestay arrangements with local families


Training for Women’s Cooperatives

We run training programs for local women’s cooperatives that focus on a variety of issues pertaining to child health and nutrition.

News Stories

Children’s home welcomes 5 more children!


1. UNICEF, Benin Country Statistics

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