This Valentine’s Day, Give Your Heart To Humanity

This Valentine’s Day, consider replacing chocolates and flowers with a gift which makes a significant difference in someone’s life.  By donating to Dagbé, your donation funds…

  1. Education – tuition, school supplies and clothing
  2. Unexpected roof repairs from a recent storm which damaged the community’s meeting room
  3. Our thriving poultry farm which now has 26 chickens, 17 roosters and 15 chicks
  4. Efforts to document every person in the city, an important initiative which combats human trafficking
  5. Other anti-child trafficking efforts and remediation, for example the costs of mental/physical health exams for survivors
  6. Future plans of building a bakery, creating income and jobs for many in the community
  7. A home for those who do not have one, often times kids whose parents have passed away
  8. Apprenticeships – we have five apprentices and another five registering soon
  9. Our garden, which is currently dormant, will provide tomatoes and other produce after the upcoming rainy season
  10. The overall goal of creating a sustainable sub-economy in Ouesse, Benin with citizens who have the knowledge, means and resources to grow businesses and educate the next generation

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