Giving a Hand to Families in Need

We wanted to share a photo of some of the children who we’ve been able to support this year via homestay arrangements. In 2013, we’ve been able to help 34 children through this program. These are often cases where families have suffered the loss of a parent or a serious illness, impacting the family’s ability to provide for their children. These situations would often result in kids leaving school and starting full-time work at an early age, continuing the cycle of poverty.

Our local staff work closely with community members to identify these cases and take steps to ensure the health and wellbeing of the kids affected by the situation. Support is often in the form of food and general care supplies, financial support, and educational scholarships. Our local staff monitors the families regularly to ensure the kids are in a  healthy and safe environment where they can continue to grow and thrive.

Through this program, we’re able to preserve the home environment where kids feel most comfortable, just with a bit more support.

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