July Trafficking Intervention


As the Anti-Trafficking Training was taking place in July, authorities were alerted to a case of trafficking and sexual exploitation in Vossa, a remote village 10 miles west of Ouèssè. When the police took the alleged trafficker in for questioning, they discovered that he had been sold a 9-year old girl for the equivalent of $240 USD.

Our staff partnered with local authorities to protect and care for the child while a long term solution was identified. We also worked to reunite the child with family members and committed to paying the girl’s school fees, supplies, and basic living expenses on an ongoing basis. Dagbé will be helping to cover these expenses over the next year. We’ve also committed to conducting follow-up supervision with the girl over the course of the next year. The parties involved with the case have been dealt with through the Beninese judicial system.

Most of our cases to this point have dealt with trafficking for labor purposes and, as you might imagine, dealing with a case of sex trafficking, particularly with such a young girl, was very difficult. It puts our work in perspective and allows us to realize how important it is.

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