A Visit from CAEES’ Friends in France

CAEES Inauguration - Honoring

At the end of October, CAEES received a visit from their friends at ARC-Bénin, a French NGO based in Aix-en-Provence. ARC-Bénin has been collaborating with Victor, the executive director of CAEES, for the last fifteen years in various forms. Their earliest activities involved financing training sessions in income-generating activities for women’s groups in Ouèssè and the surrounding region. Since CAEES was founded, ARC-Bénin has been a steady partner in helping the center grow.

They have provided many in-kind donations including sheets, blankets, pillows, clothing, and more. Representatives of ARC-Bénin spent a few days in Ouèssè, meeting with the staff, getting to know the children, and strengthening their connection with CAEES.

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