School Supplies for Less Fortunate Children

kids with school supplies

During September 2011, CAEES continued one of its most important traditions of handing out school supplies to children in difficult situations, in this case, the nine children currently residing at CAEES among many others. In all, over 40 children benefited from this donation. Each child received new school supplies including books, pens, pencils, notebooks, compasses, and erasers and also gets measured for their school uniforms. The khaki material is provided and the tailors that make the uniforms are also paid. Paying for the peripheral school expenses (not including tuition) can run up to $180, depending on the class that a child is in. For many families, this is the equivalent of two months salaries! The work that CAEES does in this area is invaluable for the many children that otherwise wouldn’t attend school due to these high costs. This is a yearly tradition that has gone on since the inception of the organization in 2008.

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